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A water spout was spotted off the Deception Bay coastline yesterday morning (Thursday – 10/01/2019).  It only lasted a short time and didn’t come ashore.  The video was taken by a local resident.

Waterspout over Deception Bay, 10-1-19

Check out this footage of a waterspout over Deception Bay, QLD this morning just after 10am AEST. The waterspout only lasted a short period of time and didnt come ashore.

Images at the start and end sent in via Amanda Franklin, video 1 via Jill and video 2 via Claire (surnames protected) ~Thomas~

Posted by Higgins Storm Chasing on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Video supplied with permission by Higgins Storm Chasing


waterspout deception bay sandstone point-2

Taken at sandstone point beach

Waterspouts are caused by different weather and atmospheric dynamics.  They are generally mild in wind speed with wind speeds of around 60km – 120km per hour.  They can cause damage to structures and property if they cross over land.  Generally, they are not classed as tornadoes.  Tornadoes are land-based and are more severe than waterspouts.

Waterspouts can occur anywhere in the world in the right conditions.  They are common along the eastern seaboard of Australia in turbulent weather conditions.  They are generally shortlived and cause minimal damage.

Tornadic Waterspouts are land-based tornadoes that cross over onto water and can be stronger than a regular waterspout.  many waterspouts are not restricted to salt water and are commonly seen throughout the world on large bodies of water, such as lakes and seas.

It is recommended to stay a safe distance from these phenomena, as they can cause considerable damage to aircraft, watercraft and marine life.  Incidences of severe damage are rare but on occasion have caused deaths and considerable damage to property such as the historic tornado Grand Harbour of Malta Tornado.

For more information visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterspout