U3A – Bribie Island Fun and Courses, New Enrollment Dates for 2020

By Barry Clark- U3A Public Relations

U3A - Bribie Island Fun and Courses, New Enrollment Dates for 2020 (3)

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Have you made any New Year resolutions?

More of the same… Or will you do something new and different to keep your brain stimulated and your body more active? All Bribie Seniors should consider taking on a new hobby, interest or social involvement this year. It is important for all-round health and wellbeing to keep the mind stimulated, and do something new with like-minded people.

You will certainly make many new friends at Bribie Island University of the Third Age (U3A). There are no entry requirements, no tests or exams……just simply “Learning for Fun and Pleasure” with lots of nice people. You have a choice of almost 170 different and stimulating classes, five days a week, shown on the detailed daily Timetable, which is available online at www.u3abribie.org.au or pick it up at the Bribie Library, Visitor and Neighbourhood Centres.

U3A - Bribie Island Fun and Courses, New Enrollment Dates for 2020 (3)MANY THINGS TO DO

People just like you enjoy a variety of Arts & Craft, Music, Culture, History and Language classes, while others choose Mind & Board Games, Cards, Dance, Exercise or Computer skills. Whatever your background or interests you are sure to find something to suits you in Term 1 2020 Timetable for Bribie Island U3A.

It is never too late to learn something new, and the pleasure of doing it with like-minded people is very enjoyable. Foreign languages include Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and French. Arts and Crafts include Acrylic & Watercolour, Pen and Pencil Drawing, Card and Thread card making, Handcrafts, Pottery, Crochet, Printmaking, Quilting & Sewing, Scrapbooking, and Silk Painting. Music includes Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, and Singalong, and there are many table games such as Cribbage, Mah Jong, Chess, Bridge, and Trivia Quiz.

Things more physical include Pilates, Pickle ball, Table Tennis, Tai Chi, Lawn Bowls, Boules, Indoor Bowls, Croquet, Greek, Line and Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Jazz and Burlesque on a chair and Rock & Roll. Looking back includes Family, Global and Australian History, Modern World, Exploring DNA or try Sociology.

Inventions and Discoveries, How Life Works, or an overview of Trains, Planes, Ships & Automobiles. For something more inward-looking you could try Sociology, Meditation, Yoga, Practical Philosophy or Mind Matters while others enjoy Poetry Appreciation, Classic Novels, Drama Workshops or the Movie Group. Topics specific to Bribie Island, especially for newcomers include Bribie’s Natural Environment, Birding and Bribie Island History- an Introduction.

U3A - Bribie Island Fun and Courses, New Enrollment Dates for 2020 (3)SOMETHING DIFFERENT

If you are still not inspired by any of the above and want to do something completely different you could join the Trading Academy class on Friday mornings. This new class by an experienced Market Trader will reveal some insiders secrets and show how to trade the world markets in these difficult times.

As the other end of the spectrum, you could be Seeing Life Differently on Wednesday afternoons by looking at your inner self and understanding what has made you what and who you are today. And if you have some hidden performance talent waiting to be released join the U3A Players and take a small part in a future stage performance, or simply enjoy the delights of Shakespeare Plays on Monday mornings.

ENROLMENT for Term 1 2020

U3A is now closed until Term 1 commences on Tuesday 28th January. Enrolment for current students has already taken place, but new enrolment for Term 1 classes takes place at the U3A Centre in the Recreation Hall on First Avenue on Saturday 18th January from 9 am till noon and Wednesday 22nd January from 9 am till 11 am.

Membership of U3A is just $10 for the year, with payment in advance for most classes at $15 for the Term. Some classes are already full or have limited places, but many classes offer interesting topics and will welcome new joiners. Pick up a copy of the Timetable from the Bribie Library, Visitor Information, and Neighbourhood Centre and you may find a topic, time and day of the week that suits you.

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