Bribie Island Fishing Report and Tide Times Dec- Jan 2019-2020

By Vin Donovan

Fishing spots and tide times. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Redcliffe. Deception Bay

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Fishing report and tide times for Bribie Island, Moreton Bay, Bongaree, Ningi, Beachmere, Sandstone Point, Banksia Beach, Bellara, Woorim, Toorbul, DonnyBrook & surrounding areas.

What a catastrophic fire season Australia has experienced in the last half of 2019. Looking at the new Himawari 8 satellite imagery from the Japanese meteorological agency brings an unbelievable view of the weather system’s approaching Australia, the devastating fires and the shocking state of much of the country.

Hopefully, 2020 brings much needed regular rains and east coast lows pushing water where it’s needed the most. The drought affects nearly every single living organism in Australia, whether it’s on the land or in the water, everything uses water in one way or another.

Anyways hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year’s break, and wow once again the laser show and New Year’s Eve party’s on the waterfront was definitely the best way to spend the last days of 2019. Moreton Bay is an absolute wonder of Queensland.

It takes a trip or two down though the southern bay to discover how awesome this piece of water is. It’s such a huge national park that requires constant monitoring and protecting. The fishing around the local area has been, well somewhat busy but still very productive if you know where and when to go.

bribie island fishing report and tide time moreton bay
Mud Crabs for tea anyone?

The sand crabbing and mud crabbing has been awesome with some quality crabs getting caught throughout the passage and bay. The only problem is the number of people out there share farming.

What’s even worse is when you lose a few pots, and usually, with the pot, rope, float and bait bag costing 100 dollars, it’s pretty frustrating. The flattys, jacks, cod and summer whiting have been on the chew, with nearly all of the passage worthwhile having a look at. Working soft plastics a great way to cover water and catch most species.

3inch to 5inch plastics work best, match the jig head size with the depth of water your fishing and colours usually depend on the visibility in the water. Out in the bay, the mackerel, tuna and yellowtail kings have been smashing lures, live baits and slugs.

The reefies now have been going off with all the usual summer reef species getting caught. Fresh flesh baits, pillys, octopus, squid and live baits the go. Using the right rigs and tackle will depend on the day’s weather conditions.

On the Woorim surf beach, there’s been some great size summer whiting. So with 2020 here, it’s time to get out there and focus on enjoying the great outdoors and fishing. So don’t destroy what you come to enjoy and have a great start to 2020.

Tide Times

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