The Bribie Island Community Arts Centre

By Neil Wilson


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Whilst it is only fair to comment that art depicting the foreshore and waterways can very often be found on display at the various venues throughout the area, one also must admit that the “Shifting Tides” exhibition currently on display at the Mathew Flinders Gallery in the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre seems to provide a rather fresh and varied perspective to this popular theme.

Community Arts Centre Artwork. Contemporary

The exhibition features the combined works of Aaron Hill, Frances Egan, Glenda Chaplyn and Kieran Robinson along with those of Bronwyn Doherty who has organised the event. ‘When I organised this show, I Asked a few friends to join me as we share a passion for the coast in all its guises,’ Bronwyn explained.

Community Arts Centre Artwork. Contemporary

‘Together, we hope to share with our audience some of the joy and fascination that we experienced when creating these works,’ she said. The individual styles of the five artists responsible for this exhibition are very evident and Bronwyn took the time to describe the strengths of each artist.

‘Aaron’s works on paper are abstract mappings of the ephemeral forces that form our coastline whilst Frances Egan’s whimsical works on paper are small snapshots of her life which take a metaphorical approach to the theme,’ said Bronwyn. ‘Glenda has explored the coastline as a journey of place and history through her use of lyrical line and Kieran has a selection of paintings with a naïve approach to the shoreline that is bold in colour and texture.

Community Arts Centre Artwork. Contemporary

Bronwyn Doherty – Local Artist

By contrast, my own work is soft of texture and in essence is a study of the silence of the backwaters,’ she added. The “Shifting Tides” exhibition will be on display until April 28th in the Mathew Flinders Gallery and is an exhibition that should not be missed. Following closely and commencing on May 1st will be an exhibition entitled “Scratching the Surface” which combines the works of four artists from the Contemporary Art Practices Group and will run until May 13th.

Artist Community Arts Centre Artwork. Contemporary

Frances Egan(left) and Glenda Chaplyn(right) – Local Artists

The Mathew Flinders Gallery can be found within the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre which is on Sunderland Drive at Banksia Beach and is open each day except Monday from 10 am.

Community Arts Centre Artwork. Contemporary

Information about any of the many activities at the centre can be obtained by making a visit to the Arts Centre or by calling them on 3408 9288.

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