The Rotary Markets – Bribie Island

By Anne Matthews, PR Director Bribie Rotary

rotary fundraiser events bribie island markets

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When I first heard the hauntingly beautiful “In A Persian Market” which was written by Albert Ketèlbey I was so impressed with the way the music allowed you to actually visualise a scene. As a young girl, listening to this piece of music, exotic images of veiled dancers, men in long robes wearing turbans, camels, jugglers, spices, oils & incense, flowing silks, carpets and beautiful pottery came to mind. Hence I have always loved markets and the atmosphere, the wares provided, the crowds and smells of the different foods and spices.

The Rotary Markets, which are held on the second Sunday of every month in Brennan Park, Bongaree, although not Persian, are always special and exotic. Up to 80 Stalls are set up overlooking the beautiful Pumicestone Passage. The Stalls sell a variety of items including essential oils, soaps and body lotions, pots, clothing, bric-a-brac, craftwork, plants, fruit and vegetables, books, pancakes and waffles, fishing gear, artwork etc.

rotary fundraiser events bribie island marketsThere is even a Stall selling Wisdom, Peace, Happiness, Tranquillity, Love and Courage – how exotic is that! And, of course, we have the Rotary Van – selling sausage sandwiches, egg and bacon rolls and drinks. The canopies of the Stalls’ gazebos provide a colourful carnival atmosphere. A red train gives rides around the park and a large jumping castle lets the children have fun. The band “Bits n Pieces” provides music that makes you want to dance and sing while you work in the Rotary Van.

The crowd often dance in front of the stage or just stand and listen to our Bribie Market music. It is really satisfying to see the children – full of smiles – and the adults – all experiencing the magic of our Markets. Our delightful Market Convenors, Gillian and David Parry, organise the day and take all the bookings for the regular and casual stall holders. David and Gillian actually start their Market Sundays around 4.00am and stay on until 1.00pm. Usually, 12-16 Rotarians are rostered to buy the supplies, set up, sell raffle tickets, work in the Van selling food and drinks, clean up and usher stall holders off the site. It is a busy day and it is our main revenue-raising event. In fact, around 35% of the funds we raise each year come from our markets.

rotary fundraiser events bribie island markets

Our diligent Market Convenors David and Gillian Parry

The Rotary markets are legendary on Bribie Island. So if you’re hunting for a hidden treasure, stocking up on your weekly fruit and vegetables or looking for some local art pieces, or a special souvenir, come and check us out. Who knows – you might even find a small corked bottle with a genie inside who grants 3 wishes – or spot Scheherazade passing by! And across the road and beside us, the regular shops also provide lovely breakfasts and other “Persian” delights.

If you would like to have a Stall at one of our Markets this year, or even become a regular Stallholder, please ring Gillian on 0406 373 218. It is not expensive and we can include insurance for the vendor.

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