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Dearest Bribie Islanders, I hope you have all been faring well lately. I know, it’s been swelteringly hot! I hope you’ve found your means of staying cool whether that be swimming in the pool or ocean, wandering through the shopping centre or hiding out at home in the air con. Then there are the people you see running across the bridge in the middle of the day! My mind does not comprehend this.

Either way, enjoy the rest of Summer because, by the time you read this, Autumn will have strolled on in. Although, if it’s anything like the last few years, Summer will be dragging its feet on the way out and overstaying its welcome on the Sunshine Coast. So, do you ever get that restless feeling that arises every now and then that calls for something to change? Not anything drastic, but just little daily changes, like a new bedspread or a new wallpaper in the background of your phone.

Well, my version of this of late was something to do with my hair. I wanted a bit of colour. Not an all over colour change…just something with a bit of pop thread throughout the hair. In particular, the colour magenta. I knew this would be a little spur of the moment kind of thing and that if I waited around too long I would probably change my mind and not do it. And I think sometimes you just have to go and do something spontaneous every now and then for good health. Or at least I’ll use that as an excuse to be impetuous. Anywho, so I called a couple different hairdressers to find out when there next available booking would be and the first opening, I would take. I actually felt somewhat guilty doing this as I have a hairdresser that I always go to and am loyal to, but there were no availabilities until the next week, so I looked elsewhere.

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As it turns out, someone I went to school with who runs a salon had a next day availability so I grabbed that one. I was so excited! The next day came and I got my hair done exactly the way I explained and they did a professional job. However, it took only a matter of hours before I realised something wasn’t right. I kept looking in the mirror and just didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel like me. About five days passed and I couldn’t stand it any longer I had to get it fixed.

So I contacted my original hairdresser and explained the whole thing and they knew exactly what to do. Thank goodness for people who understand your crazy ramblings huh. Basically, the colour, I liked. However, I didn’t realise how much it wouldn’t suit the hair framing my face. So my hairdresser put my original colour on the top part of my hair and blended it down to the magenta colour. Yay! All fixed. The world was right again. Thank you to my hairdresser if you’re reading this! You’re probably wondering why I just told your about all that.

There is a point, I promise. I felt like there was a lesson or two learned out of this hair drama. First of all, that while it’s good to be spontaneous, it’s always good to just check yourself before rushing ahead and know what you really want. Secondly, and more importantly, you suit YOU best.

What do you mean Nikita? What I am saying is, that we were born with certain features externally and internally that help to define who we are. Our eye colour, hair colour, skin colour and our personality and mannerisms. Of course these things change a bit as we mature, but generally speaking, we get what we are given and anything given is a gift. It is a gift to be given brown hair and brown eyes, it is a gift to be given blonde hair and blue eyes, it is a gift to be given red hair and green eyes and all the in-betweens are gifts too! They make us who we are and we should be proud of it.

Generally speaking, we suit what we are given best as well. So that’s why I felt uncomfortable seeing another colour framing my face, it just didn’t feel like me. It goes the same for all areas of our life too. Of course, when you are younger it can be difficult to fully know yourself and know what you like. Part of growing up is learning and trying new things to define who you are.

But when you do know what makes you tick, what makes you come alive and makes the world a better place, it is best to stick with that. There’s that old quote that goes: Just be yourself, everyone else is taken. And that couldn’t be truer. Everybody is too busy trying to fit in when it should be that we stand out for a reason. You’re totally unique, no one else can live your life.

Therefore, live it to the fullest and live it outside of the box of normality. No one remembers those who didn’t do anything to stand out. Legacy is born out of unusual. Legacy is born out of you being fully who you were made to be.

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