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Winter is over and the end of the winter species is nearly here. Soon we will be measuring all of our Whiting and the Mackerel will chase away all the Tailor. The winter Whiting don’t just disappear they tend to head for the deeper colder waters in the bay.

If you still want a feed of these smaller, tasty fish they can still be caught in the deeper sections of the Cockle Banks all year round. As for the Tailor they tend to follow the colder water down south. This is where the bigger Snapper also a go during summer. Victoria’s Snapper season is opposite to ours, so hold on to your hats all you Mexicans, they are on their way.

Over the last week I have started to hear about some Pelagic fish putting in an appearance in the waters off Moreton, and with these warm, to hot days the grounds on the inside side of Moreton won’t be far away. This week’s photo shows a Spanish Mackerel caught north of Moreton, Steve also landed a Wahoo as well, so all is looking good for this year’s Pelagic fishery.

The passage has been a bit hit and miss lately with the change of season looming and these warmer days predicted will soon bring in the Mackerel, let’s hope they are in better numbers than the Tailor as yet again the season has been a poor one. Summer Whiting have been reported in small numbers around the surf so it won’t be long before they venture around the corner into the passage.

Flathead catches have been down but a lot of that has to do with the poor weather lately and not a reduction in numbers. I am sure the Landangler will pop his head up again soon to show us that they are still around.

One thing that has been caught in the passage recently is squid. Over the last few years numbers of squid catches have been up, so let’s hope we can find a new target when the fish species don’t show up.

Nigel(left) from Gateway Bait and Tackle showing he can actually catch fish and Steve(right) shows off his ripper Spanish Mackerel caught north off Moreton.

Vik Sweetman(left) with a nice Morwong caught over at Bulwer Ledges at Moreton and Richard Schmidt(right) with an 8.2kg 99 cm Jewfish caught off the Bongaree Jetty

Tide Times

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