BRIBIE SIMPLY HEALTHY-Boswellia Complex – Oct/Nov 2018

By Heenam Kim


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Boswellia Complex Keeps you healthy, maintains and supports healthy joints, which is good for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis swelling and has many other benefits.

I have received positive feedback from the customers who come to Bribie Simply Healthy, on a product called ‘Boswellia complex’, which helped them with their osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain. Boswellia also can be used to treat asthma, cancer and Cohen’s disease. I have looked into the health benefits of the ingredients in the product which are celery seeds, ginger and Turmeric.

Boswellia extract has been used for centuries in Asian and African traditional medicine. It is also known as Indian frankincense. Taking a natural medicine ought to be a safer solution than chemical-based man-made drugs, please be mindful about the side effects of the medications you are taking.

In some cases, the side effects are more harmful than treating the sickness. If you experience new health problems, consider some of your sicknesses may be caused by the medication. Boswellia is effective in treating chronic inflammatory illnesses such as osteoarthritis ‘pain and inflammation’ and ‘rheumatoid arthritis swelling’. Some research suggests that Boswellia interferes with the autoimmune process, which will help to reduce rheumatoid arthritis. It also may prevent the loss of cartilage.

Boswellic acids act in a number of ways that may inhibit cancer growth and have been shown to prevent the growth of cancer-causing enzymes. Therefore it fights breast cancer cells, limits the growth of malignant leukaemia, brain tumour cells and pancreatic cancer cells. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties in Boswellia, it can be used in treating inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Boswellia acid also can prevent asthma symptoms and reduce bronchiolitis symptoms.

‘Boswellia Complex’ is designed by Mediherb, which contains Boswellia, celery seed, ginger and Turmeric. Celery seeds help reduce swelling and pain and have many other benefits such as improving sleep, good for cognitive function, helps maintain healthy blood pressure and fight infections. Ginger can reduce muscle pain and soreness; it has anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with osteoarthritis, lower blood sugars, supports heart disease and brain function and help fight infections.

The last ingredient is Turmeric, this is well known for its medicinal properties. Turmeric has a potent anti-inflammatory compound the active ingredient is called Curcumin. Some studies have shown Curcumin is more effective in treating arthritis pain than anti-inflammatory drugs. Curcumin is also one of the best selling products from the Bribie Simply Healthy. Curcumin is known for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, some say that Indian people don’t suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, like western people do, because turmeric is part of their everyday diet. Curcumin may help delay ageing and fight age-related chronic diseases.

Curcumin has many scientifically proven health benefits, such as prevention of heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancer. It’s a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression as well as all the other benefits mentioned above.

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