Health – Lymphatics and well being.

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Health and well being. Lymphatics. Tonsillitis

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Tags: Health and well being. Lymphatics. Tonsillitis

With Juliet George Body Care

When I was a child I always seemed to feel unwell with a sore throat. Sometimes it would lay me up in bed for weeks at a time. The unwell feeling was deliberating, and the penicillin antibiotic tablets prescribed by my doctor never seemed to cure the infections completely. This was my first encounter with the human lymphatic defence system.

‘Tonsillitis’ as it is commonly referred to as an infection of lymphoid tissues in the throat. Later in life, my tonsils were surgically removed, and the infection cleared up never to return. Every person alive has a lymphatic system. It is the body’s defence system protecting you against infection by managing fluid levels in the body; reacting to bacteria; dealing with cancer cells and other cell products that would otherwise result in disease or disorders.

Additionally, it absorbs some dietary intestinal fats that are essential in the body. My first professional encounter as a remedial massage therapist with the lymphatic system started with a client suffering swelling after cancer therapy. She had swollen arms, legs and abdomen that would not reduce in size.

The condition was diagnosed as lymphoedema and was not going away. To assist this lady required me to complete post-graduate training in the Principals and Practice of Complex (Physical) Lymphatic Therapy in the Treatment of Lymphoedema with Dr Judith Casley Smith in Adelaide. That was twenty years ago, the lady in question responded well to therapy and her condition became controlled.

I remain fascinated how looking after your lymphatic system has such a major impact on good health and how well you feel. When you’re feeling tired, lethargic, fatigued, irritable, out of sorts or bloated, then Lymphatic Drainage can be the therapy to help you stimulate and rejuvenate your system. Complex Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is also used with your Doctors approval after surgery to control the swelling of lymphoedema and stimulate healing.

My primary focus in professional practice has been the treatment of lymphoedema and lymphatic drainage to improve wellbeing. I have lectured, taught health care professionals, written books on the subject and feel pleased to have helped people control the persistent swelling associated with lymphatic dysfunction.

Now, I am semi-retired on Bribie Island and available to help residents with:

  • Lymphoedema Management to reduce and control oedema using Complex Lymphatic Therapy;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage to assist when you’re feeling tired, lethargic, fatigued, irritable, out of sorts or bloated;
  • A Compression Garment Service with the latest innovations in wearability;
  • and, Laser Therapy to assist swelling reduction and decrease pain.

Give me a call on 0478 770 448, I look forward to hearing from you. Juliet George

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