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The sun is setting this afternoon Moreton Bay is in full view From my veranda by the sea

The view of the ocean and the smell in the breeze

The Casuarina tree across the road

Belongs to Doc my neighbour you know

The trees on his block are a haven you see

For the birds and animals as well as the bees

Bright green red and yellow with a touch of blue

Lorikeets feeding against the sea view

The screech of their voice takes your attention

As they dance spin and hang with great suspension

They fight and bicker over the very best seeds

Some fly to the grounds and walk you see

Then in a moments notice they will take off

The flock is majestic against the sky and his block

Now the Galahs have arrived and start pushing their weight

The Lorikeets are back for their dinner plate

White Cockatoos fly in from the park

Its 5 pm and getting dark

Suddenly they have had their fill

Take off and the seeds spill

Onto the bitumen and the grass

The Lorikeets wing dance way above the park

Sharmayne Kurtz


Rest – rest in peace – the shades are drawn all earthly sounds have ceased; as you lay beneath the lawn – there is no tumult near, nor is there day or night for you to shed a tear or heed your plight.

No harsher sound is there than the waters of the brook babbling on its bed, to share within this quiet nook.

Rest – rest in peace beneath these azure skies, whilst upon the nearby leas a gentle breeze goes by.

Far from that fateful day you heeded freedoms calls, now eternally you lay confined within these walls to listen to the silence fall as if on padded feet – no more to hear the bugles call amidst a battles heat.

Rest – rest in peace – your earthly toil is o’er, rest beneath these shady trees and dream those dreams once more; dream in that eternal hush to which the brave ascend, for ended is that mortal rush which those now left contend.

In peace you’ll ne’er grow older, safe beneath the sod” Rest – unknown soldier – unknown to all – save God.

Harold Meston

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