Watching someone trying to park their car

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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The things you see – OH LOOK, THERE’S A PARK

When I saw the photo of this rather unorthodox (actually no – not rather unorthodox, more like absolutely mindless) attempt at parking, a few different things came to mind, one of those, of course, being the well-known advertising campaign by a certain eyewear retailer.

Yes, perhaps that is where the driver should have gone but I also wonder whether he or she even went to the correct place to get a driver’s licence or is this an instance where someone actually does have a licence that they got from a cereal packet. Go figure.

However, as I said, this did make me think of a few scenarios and one of these, I have to be honest, is the time that myself and a few friends actually picked up a Morris 850 Mini that belonged to someone we knew and we placed it between two posts that left about six inches gap from each post to the front and rear bumpers.

Obviously, when he discovered the result of our endeavours, we were nowhere to be seen but his wife told us later that he invented a few sentences of previously unheard of words to describe us to all who could hear him.

Aah, the fun we used to have! We at The Mini Bribie Islander are on the lookout for information and/or photos of any of the weird and wonderful things that happen every day so, if you happen to come across any such situations, we would really like to hear from you.

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