The Bribie Islander Beach Report Jan 2019

By Michael & Rick, Gateway Discovery Tours

Bribie islander Beach Report

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Hi all, welcome to the inaugural Bribie Island National Park- Beach report bought to you by Michael and Rick from Gateway Discovery Tours. Let’s talk four-wheel driving. A four-wheel drive and an all-wheel-drive vehicle are different, however, both are capable of taking you up the inland track or the beach. It comes down to ground clearance, the higher the better. Simply increase the height of your wheels (get a Qld Transport blue plate/ certification ) drop your tyre pressure to 18 to 20 lbs PSI which will allow your tyres to run on top of the sand and you’re ready to go.

Soft Sand Ocean Beach Access Track

The 22km inland Northern Access Track is cut up currently with large gouges or craters in the track requiring caution. You need to roll into the gouges slowly and climb out the other side, hitting them fast causes the sand to push into the front of your vehicle and damage your radiator. This may result in your engine boiling, requiring towing. At the beach entrance, the track is cut up for 2 km.

Caution is required as large gouges will be encountered until you get onto the beach, where we recommend that you don’t travel within 2 hours before and 2 hours after the top of the tide. This allows you to travel in comfort on hard wet sand, driving in soft sand will expose weaknesses in your vehicle like the clutch. Keep an eye on those speed limits 50 km and 30 km per hour around known swimming areas.

Don’t park here…

Keep an eye out as there are several large sea eagles that live there between third and fourth Lagoon. Remember to stay out of the dunes (short grass) area as turtles nests are present driving on there crushes the turtle eggs and fines are significant. The rainforest area near Lighthouse Reach delivers diverse fauna and flora and the occasional sighting of Dave the yowie.

Don’t leave your stone guard behind

There are fines for taking your dogs into the National Park, Rangers patrol. We have a wonderful Ocean Beach stretching 25 km to the gun emplacements for everyone to enjoy so be respectful as our local police officers are out there with breathalysers and speed camera for everyone’s safety. At the bottom of the tide, you’ll see gutters (an outer wave break bar, then a deep channel or gutter parallel to the beach) these are good fishing spots where you’ll catch whiting, dart and so on. Happy 4×4 driving on Bribie.

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