Busy Fingers – Charity July/August 2018

By Sandra

Charity - Bribie Island - BUSY FINGERS

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Firstly, the committee, staff, and volunteers would like to sincerely thank the Volunteer Marine Rescue and their band of hard-working volunteers for the Christmas in July Party they gave us a few weeks ago. The dinner was beautiful and the entertainment was great and as usual, we were lucky enough to have a visit from our beloved Santa, who seems to spend a lot of his spare time at the VMR.

Over the years Busy Fingers has supported the VMR with Fuel and other items to help them raise the much need funds required for them to continue to keep us safe on the water. They have always supported us in times of need, including a band of merry VMR men arriving to move sheds and shop fittings when we were having the extension built and we thank them sincerely for all their hard work. So please support the VMR whenever possible as they are a dedicated group working together with other groups such as SES, Police, Fire, and Ambulance to keep us safe while we enjoy life on the island. Once again thank you very much for our Christmas in July.


We are currently trialing a new pricing system as we have consistent problems with our price tagging guns and so often tags are being removed and the cashier has to reprice items going through the register which is quite time-consuming. There will be no tags on standard Ladies, Men’s, and Children’s clothes, instead, at the end of each of the clothing racks there will be a list of prices such as all men’s and ladies Jeans and Pants and Skirts are $4, all underwear $1, Bras $3, Blouses, tops, singlets $3, dresses $5, Men’s suits $10. Most of the children’s clothes $2 except dresses are $3 and PJ’s $4. So just look at the end of the racks when making your selection.


These items will still be priced and tagged individually, PLEASE do not remove the tags as the cashier does know the designer labels, if she finds one without a tag, it may end up being priced higher than it originally was. So PLEASE do the right thing and pay the correct amount, remember we are a charity and all funds are used for the benefit of the island residents. We have only been using this system for a few weeks and already some customers have done the incorrect thing.

We pride ourselves in being very reasonably priced, some interstate and traveling Queensland visitors have often commented on the fact that we are cheaper than many other shops they have visited. We have always been a shop of many bargains and we hope to continue to be priced within the range of everyone, so please pay the correct amount for all your purchases and help us to help the island.


Please keep in mind our PJ Day for Asthma Queensland – Our staff and volunteers have registered for the fundraiser and they are going to come to work in their PJ’s and we hope our customers will help them raise much needed funds for asthma research. There is a collection tin on the counter and there will also be a $2 sausage sizzle available so please come and join in the fun. If you are a member of an island club or association and require assistance please let us know.

We try to assist all not for profit associations and sporting clubs, we also assist the Police, SES, VMR and the BI Hospice. Our President Karen is quite happy to come along to your club and present our aims and goals and how your club can apply for assistance. Please call 3410 1920 or email busyfingers1@ bigpond.com if you wish to have a presentation or if you wish to apply for a grant of assistance.


Kindergarten Banksia Beach asked for the purchase and installation of a garden package including a veggie patch. Bribie District Little Athletes have been using equipment borrowed from the school and were in need of their own High Jump stands and also the large Flop Mat, these will now arrive shortly. Sergeant Samantha of the BI Police station asked for help in securing information bags for Road Safety Week this month. There will be a stand in the Woolworths shopping complex, the information is for pedestrian safety, a basic review of road rules and mobility scooter safety and any issues some of us mature aged drivers may have.

We also continued to support the VMR with fuel and the BI-Moreton Hospice for the Palliative Care unit at the Bribie Island Retirement village. We thank all our donators and also our customers for their generosity, without you, we would not be able to grant the many wishes that we receive; we also thank our staff and many volunteers for all their hard work throughout the year too.


We have been very lucky in securing the help of our volunteer Vikki, who lives very close to Busy Fingers and she has volunteered to open the gates on Sunday mornings from 9 am, the gates will be open for a few hours each Sunday. So if you are unable to drop off goods on Saturday morning or through the week, Vikki will be able to help you on Sunday morning. If our gate closing has caused you some inconvenience we do apologize but the theft of donations and the dumping of rubbish became too big a problem. We still have our free pick up service; just call 3408 1014 between 8 am and 3 pm to arrange a house call. As always we wish to thank our dear friend Richard, and his merry group at the Bribie Islander for allowing us to let you know what is happening in Cotterill Ave. Hope to see you in the shop soon. Sandra

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