Help Needed for Pelican Twinnies

By The Bribie Islander


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Dear Loyal Readers, we need you to read this article in full. It is sadly the reality for these guys and they need your urgent help! As you may know, The Twinnies have been rescuing pelicans for the last 19 years. We featured them on the front cover a couple of months ago. It has been a great journey and they have rescued close to 20,000 birds over the years. They couldn’t think of anything better to do.

However, the calls for help have dramatically increased over the last few months. They can’t put one exact reason on it. Perhaps they are just becoming better known as the place for injured and sick pelicans and birds. It’s a good thing – exactly what they were set up to do, but it’s now getting to the stage where they are struggling to cope. The recent bushfires certainly haven’t helped. Just last night, they received a call from a man who phoned to collect an injured pelican?

Managing to help him out. It was close to 2 am before they finished but it was worthwhile in the end. “Over the past few days we have discussed, what we should do. We were put on this planet to do what we do best, rescue and rehabilitate our pelicans and we don’t want to slow down or turn any away.” “So, we are asking you to chip in. To help us raise $25,000 to help us expand and continue to treat sick and injured pelicans. We want to be able to keep on treating and helping every single pelican that comes our way.” $20 helps feed a pelican for one day and the usual fish bill is around $600 a week.

Can you donate just $5? It’s just the cost of your next cup of coffee in the morning but one that would help them continue to save our beloved pelicans? Please also remember to mention this article amongst your family and friends to spread the word. “We are hoping that when we wake up in the morning a miracle has occurred.”

The Twinnies have two pelicans from Bribie that they will be releasing on the 13th of October and have been speaking to John from the VMR, it should be a good day. The Twinnies are very grateful for any help they have received from Bribie Island in the past and hopefully, in the future, they like coming and rescuing there and if people see a pelican, poor darlings, just phone 0421476 561.

“We hope to raise funds as one day we would love to secure a place for rehabbing and always be for birds 20 years doing this.” Some luck must come their way soon. Please donate online here:

Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue are located at 2147 Steve Irwin Way, Landsborough QLD 4550. Call 5439 9995. 24 HOUR RESCUE HOTLINE: 0421 476 561.

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