Learning the plumbing trade – Plumbing Apprenticeship

By Neil Wilson


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When local plumber Brad O’Carroll of PLUMBING Bribie Is. developed his current business plan he included a provision to give back to the Bribie Island community that supports his business by taking on an apprentice from within that community and this has resulted in the recent employment of year eleven student Jye Shearman under the school-based apprenticeship program.

Brad told me that he was impressed by Jye’s apparent keen attitude towards getting a job. ‘He was constantly sending out emails and putting himself out there on Facebook,’ Brad explained. ‘He was doing all the things that I consider to be the important signs that someone really does want to work.

Plumbing Apprenticeship

Jye will learn the importance of doing a quality job like this one

He is responsible for his own outcome,’ said Brad. Under the conditions of his apprenticeship, Jye works for Brad on one day each week and this allows him to still go on to complete year twelve next year.

He will also attend the Services Trades College of Australia at Salisbury where he will be able to learn the science of plumbing and this will be for a certain amount of time each year. Brad told me that this is able to be done during the school holidays. Having been in the plumbing industry for over thirty years, Brad believes in the importance of making sure that all work is carried out in the best possible way using quality products and equipment.

‘I want to be able to teach Jye the principles and the value of integrity that I believe is essential. As far as I’m concerned, if you do a job and you think that it’s not right, then it’s not right,’ said Brad. ‘Jye will earn that it is so important to produce a reliable product every time. We don’t just plumb buildings for a five-year guarantee, we do it for a twenty-year return,’ he added.

Brad said that during his time as an apprentice, Jye will be taught a full aspect of the trade and will be able to see just what the trade can deliver for him in the future. When a business takes on an apprentice under the school-based program, they receive an incentive payment from the government and Brad pointed out that this subsidy can often make the difference when it comes to the costs involved and he explained that the agency which is responsible also takes care of the necessary paperwork other than the wages.

“This is an excellent way for businesses to become involved in making sure that the youth of today receive the best training and learn the importance of doing the best possible job,’ said Brad. ‘I sincerely hope that hearing about what I am doing will at prompt other employers to at least inquire about the scheme,’ he said.

PLUMBING Bribie Is. can be contacted by calling 0478 021927 so, if there is anyone who is in need of their services, they should give Brad a call and the chances are that this job will be one that provides another learning experience for the island’s newest school-based apprentice, Jye Shearman.

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