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By Sandra

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Last month we asked our electrician, Ron of RJB Electrical, to remove all the old fluorescent lighting in the old section of the shop and replace it with new LED lights.

This resulted in us closing on the Saturday morning, we thank all our customers for their patience while we completed the work. The old lights that used to hang down over the clothing area were collecting dust and with the new Cardiff air systems, this dust was being blown through the shop, creating the need for even more cleaning of racks and floors.

The new lights are providing a cleaner and brighter shop and we sincerely thank Ron for all his hard work. Ron is just one of the many businesses on the island who support us, as we support the island associations and businesses, we have many business friends who continue to assist us. We also promote the use of the island businesses when granting wishes, for example, if an association needs IT equipment we always go to our friend Jordan of Ezy PC Sales situated in the Woolworths Shopping precinct.

Jordan has always assisted us in maintaining our own IT equipment and giving continual technical advice and he gives us excellent competitive quotes for our grants. We also rely on Wayne of Unit Plaques and Trophies in Armitage Street. Wayne makes up all our name badges for our volunteers and staff and he has been doing this for many years now. Next door to Wayne is Nicole of Island Signs, Nicole has continued to produce all our signage for the internal and external walls of the shop.

Last month we had a problem with one of our Fire Doors and Lee of Bribie and Districts Locksmiths came to the rescue promptly to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. We thank these friends for all their continued support in helping us build a better quality of life for the island residents, and we ask the island to support not only these businesses but all businesses on the island.

As winter is approaching the staff are slowly putting out more winter clothing, over the winter months we will continue to have some summer garments available for sale just in case you are traveling to a warmer holiday destination. We are continually making changes to the layout of the shop, hoping to finally get to it perfect for our customers.

Recently, we stopped placing quilt covers in bags and are instead hanging them over coat hangers so that the full pattern can be seen. When we had them in bags, the bags were constantly being ripped open, causing more work for our floor staff. The racks storing the quilts and curtains are situated just in front of the linen shelf. We are currently having 50% sales on clothing and furniture, so come and check out the bargains. We are short of plastic bags at the moment and after 30th June we may not have any at all, so please try to remember to bring your own bag if possible.

I am currently trying to arrange for some reusable Busy Fingers bags for use after 30th June. Michael, our wonderful jack of all trades is continuing to make up new shelving to house more items and he has recently put up a noticeboard in the front door entrance. This board is available for any notices advertising events on the island and also to sell some items privately, such as cars and boats. Please be aware that it can only be items that we do not sell in the shop.

Notices will be left up for 14 days then they will be removed, please notify our cashier before placing the notice on the board. We wish to thank you for your cooperation over the Easter Break when the gates were closed, stealing and rubbish dumping was a problem before the fence was put in, causing more work and costly removal fees. If you have any donations from the break and are unable to bring them down please call Sonia for a free pick up on 3408 1014.

We will be closed on Wednesday 25th April for Anzac Day. Our President is always available to give presentations at your group meetings and also advise you how to apply for a Busy Fingers grant. Please call or leave a message on 34101920.

As always we are in need of volunteers, we have volunteer approval from Centrelink and the Job Agencies, so if you need to find volunteer work through them, please think of us. We have many volunteers from different backgrounds who enjoy the company and the good feeling of helping their community while making new friends.

Our hours of work are 7.30 to 3, but if you can just give a morning or afternoon that would be great. Please contact Sonia on 34081014.

Once again I have to thank all our supporters, not only the many residents who donate their pre-loved goods to us but our many customers, some who have supported the shop for many years.

A special thank you to Mavis Howard, who has continued to supply us with lucky dip bags for the children, these bags continue to sell well, especially during the school holidays and the children love them.

We must also give a big thank you to Richard and the Bribie Islander gang for all their continued support. Hope to see you in the shop soon. Sandra.

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