Queensland travel destinations – Forrest Beach

By Sabine Von Graz

Travel Destinations. Tourism. Australia. Queensland. Forrest Beach

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Tags: Travel Destinations. Tourism. Australia. Queensland. Forrest Beach


By Sabine Von Graz

Travel Destinations. Tourism. Australia. Queensland. Forrest Beach

Our next stopover destination on our way up North was Forrest Beach, which is situated between Townsville and Cairns and just south of Mission Beach. There we got a great, easy parking spot, with views over the water revealing an amazing sunrise in the morning. Right from the start we knew, Forrest Beach just had the vibe, between the rugged location and the lost wildlife, with me rescuing a bat stranded on the grass and Ginger helping a few lost lizards within the caravan.

The wildness also carried over to the amenities with no camp kitchen but therefore a pub on the beach advertising Thursday night special of $ 10 Schnitzels! Being from Austria, ‘the Vienna Schnitzel’ is hard to beat, however have you ever seen the Schnitzel menu of the Bribie RSL? You can have your Schnitzel as traditional, Parmagiana, Calabrese, Aussie BBQ, Meat lovers, Double it up or replace it with eggplant all topped with options of mushrooms, Napoli, BBQ , peppercorn sauce etc.

I worked out that there were around eleven versions of Schnitzel! At that stage however we were of course not at the amazing Bribie RSL Schnitzel venue but at Forrest Beach, and being Thursday, our arrival day – we just had to try it out! We sat on the wooden benches and tables out on the lawn, watching one ute after another coming in for the Schnitzel night!

Mainly young lads, but all well behaved still sharing their 2 seater ute with their best mate… I observed for the last few years that in Australia a good indication that a Sheila has won a Blokes heart is…. when the best mate gets the boot from the 2 seater ute! It is getting serious between ‘Sheila’ and the ‘Bloke’ when the 2 door ute is turning into a 4 door ute.

This was all new to me when I met Richard, who at that stage just bought a new black Ford ute, his pride and joy! On one of our first dates he offered me a lift in the new shiny car, when I saw the interior I was so surprised I had to ask …why he could not afford the back of the car? Needless to say in our situation the 2 door ute was soon exchanged for a second hand 4 door station wagon…yes our station wagon now showing 545,000km!

Forrest Beach was the hottest stay yet on our trip, with 39 degrees, the water was calling us and for first time Ginger and I experienced a swim within a safety net! The water was soooo warm, warmer than body temperature and wild waves to go with it delivered total bliss! By coincidence, one of Richard’s clients also stayed at the Forrest Beach caravan park!! While Richard was busy talking business, Linda, a friend of his client’s showed me a shell she found on the beach with amazing patterns.

We were lucky to find a few ourselves and being so unique I decided to use them as part of my logo inspiration in combination with the swimming net I photographed earlier. We started to plan the trip for when my Dad would arrive a few days later in Cairns, and one of the places Richard mentioned we could visit was the ‘tip’. This reminded me of the conversation I had with one of my Mapleton gym couples, very patient retirees, who excitedly told me they were heading off that weekend to the tip.

The tip I asked? For what?….well needless to say it was not the Mapleton tip … We only stayed a couple of nights and although we were told that Cairns would be hotter we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that actually it was around 8 degrees cooler and had a nice sea breeze for most of the day. Cairns, here we come in the next edition of ‘The Bribie Islander’!!!!

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