Parenting – How to be a successful parent.

Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Parenting. Bribie Island Neighbourhood center.

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How often do we try to put together or try to operate a device without looking at the instruction manual and then realise that perhaps it might have been a wise idea to read the “how to do it” first? Well, for me the answer is, every single time. Yes, whenever a set of instructions are supplied, they are meant to be used but what about when there is no guide issued, how do we cope?

I reckon with that in mind, one of the most important issues that are constantly faced throughout the world is how to be a successful parent, as children definitely don’t come with a set of instructions. That’s right, how do we do things the best way when it comes to the job of parenting?

Whilst there are many schools of thought on that subject, sometimes the opportunity arises when parents are given the opportunity to be involved in a series of group sessions, conducted by a qualified counsellor, which is made up of other parents and discusses the various ways to handle what can arguably be described as the most important task in the world. It so happens that, due to the success of a course such as this which was conducted in 2017, Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood.

Counsellor Lindy McAndrew will be running a parenting course during the month of June. She has told me that, whilst there are guidelines as to the subjects that will be covered, there is an amount of flexibility which will enable the course to be tailored to suit those who attend. Lindy said that the parenting course is about being able to help parents build a positive family environment. ‘The aim of the course is to help parents explore why we parent as we do, what we would like our families to be and how we can move towards this,’ Lindy explained.

‘We invite parents to join us as explore the ups and downs that are associated with being a parent,’ she told me. The course subjects are many and varied and include topics such as “Why do we parent as we do?”, “What do we want for our children?” and behavioural approaches to child management.

Lindy pointed out that whilst there will be no creche facilities available to course participants, this should not become a deterrent to anyone who would like to attend but has no other childminding arrangements in place. ‘I would ask that they call us to discuss arrangements,’ Lindy said. The parenting course, which will commence on June 6th, is completely free, morning tea will be provided and places are limited.

Anyone who would like to attend should contact the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre either by calling 3408 8440 or by visiting the centre at 9 Verdoni Street in Bellara. The doors are open each weekday except Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

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