Local entertainer and music teacher Mary Anne Cannon gives recipient award

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

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Just because the Locals Only birthday celebrations are well and truly over, it certainly doesn’t mean that the awards which are normally presented on the day have all been given out as those who were at the April show found out.

After entertaining patrons with a short bracket, local entertainer and music teacher Mary Anne Cannon asked sixteen-year-old Kayleigh Marven to come to the stage and as she did so, Locals Only founder Alby Lincoln explained about the beautiful trophy that he had in his hand. Alby told everyone that because Kayleigh had not been available to attend the birthday show, he was taking this opportunity to present her with the award for outstanding achievement which was in recognition for not only her beautiful singing but also for her success as an actor in stage shows.

Featured image(above); Kayleigh Marven enjoying the moment with proud friend and mentor, Mary Anne Cannon

After receiving the award, Kayleigh took to the microphone to demonstrate just how great her ability really is. Interestingly, I first featured Kayleigh in this publication when she was chosen for the role of Dorothy in a production of The Wizard of Oz more than twelve months ago and her little dog Snoopy was cast as Toto.

Since that time, Kayleigh has continued to add to her experience, having been a cast member in a performance of Pirates of Penzance and has now been chosen for a role in ‘Creative Generations,” a show which will feature at the Q Pac Theatre on July 13th and 14th as well as being shown on Channel Ten.

Kayleigh was presented with this award for Outstanding Achievement by Locals Only founder, Alby Lincoln(left) and Showing just why she deserved the award, backed by the Locals Only band(right)

One very special reason for Mary Anne Cannon to have been the one to call her to the Locals Only stage is that, as well as now being Kayleigh’s friend and mentor, Kayleigh began receiving lessons from Mary Anne some four years ago. ‘I am only her mentor now because her ability has well and truly gone past anything that I can teach her,’ Mary Anne told me. ‘Even when I first heard her sing, I had goosebumps and that only happens once in every few thousand students.

Kayleigh has a wonderful talent and is so humble as is her whole family,’ she added. Due to other commitments, Kayleigh doesn’t get the chance to perform at Locals Only very often but on the odd occasion, she does give local fans the opportunity to be entertained by her beautiful voice.

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